Hotel environmental policy

We are aware of both scarcity of natural resources and environmental impact generated by the provision of tourism services.

This awareness is precisely what forces us to implement and conserve an environmental policy consistent with sustainable tourism. This will also result in better customer service and a more comprehensive and integral management policy.

At this point, we could mention the accreditation as an information point of the National Park, as well as our participation in other discussion forums on environmental issues.

For this reason, we are always looking for ways to contribute as an active part to the protection of the Sierra Nevada Natural Area, the place where we develop our activity.

All these initiatives have been concluded a posteriori with the hotel accreditation of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (CETS) This letter is an initiative of the EUROPARC Federation whose global objective is to promote the development of tourism as a key to sustainability in the protected natural areas of Europe.

The CETS is a method and a voluntary commitment to apply the principles of sustainable tourism, guiding the managers of the protected natural spaces and the companies to define their strategies in a participatory manner.

This accreditation carries the fulfillment of several objectives and the commitment to maintain them.


These are the goals we have achieved:

  • To maintain the Natural Park Mark.
  • To be an active part of the Community #PORELCLIMA, in order to stop and reduce global warming and its consequences.
  • To promote artisan products from the Barranco del Poqueira.
  • To employ the maximum possible number of people living in the area.
  • To use ecological and biodegradable cleaning products.
  • To be accredited as an official information point of the Sierra Nevada National Park.
  • To create tourism packages linked to the natural and cultural resources of the Park.
  • To promote only those active tourism companies and guides legally registered in the tourism registry.
  • To belong to the #SOYECOTURISTA project of the Ecotourism Club in Spain, promoting sustainable tourism, and contributing to the conservation of biodiversity.
  • To change hotel systems for more environmentally friendly ones, such as the use of energy saving light bulbs or the new more ecological and healthier disinfection facility for the pool.

europarc parque natural andalucia a por el clima soyecot